When it comes to booking the perfect holiday or break, it can be difficult to choose the destination. From deciding the right location to agreeing on what to do, it’s hard to determine where and how you’re going to spend your time away. It can even be difficult to choose where you go full board or for self catering accommodation. But with the help of Newsham Park Guest House, we hope that our advice enables you to plan and organise your tip effort free. That said, let’s weigh up the benefits of City breaks vs Beach breaks to find out where you’re destined to be this year…

Beach vs City

If you’re undecided on where to go to for your break this year, don’t panic. Be it a city break or beach holiday, we’re about to make sure that you plan everything without a hitch. With so many options on where your travels will take you, we’ll make sure that your break is affordable and is packed with fun and excitement. And, you won’t need to pack your passport either because the UK is jampacked with plenty of city breaks and beach holidays. You just need to know where to look!

Cities are usually associated with expensive shopping trips and seeing all the famous sites. Whereas beaches are matched sunbathing and relaxing without a care in the world. So, it can be hard to decide where exactly you want to go. Be it a last-minute trip or a planned weekend away, we appreciate how important it is to pick the right destination. Let’s find out what we uncovered when we looked into beach vs city breaks.

Beach Holidays

Going to the beach is by far one of the best memories you will have. From being a child to taking your own children, it’s always a pleasant and enjoyable break. Once more, with such amazing beaches and scenery in and around Merseyside, we highly recommend coming to visit our beautiful hotspots. Enjoy an ice cream and a walk along the beautiful beaches in Merseyside and fingers crossed there’s some glorious sunshine too!

Beach holidays are perfect for those who are looking to relax and unwind on their trip. Come and visit Liverpool, Merseyside to recharge your batteries whilst listening to the sound of the waves as they wash up along the shore.

Merseyside Beaches

City Trips

Break free from a traditional beach holiday and come and Visit Liverpool! With so much to do and see, we’ll make sure that you have an unforgettable break. From city trips for families to weekend breaks to Liverpool for a night out, you’re always going to enjoy your stay. Be it a trip for seeing the famous attractions of Liverpool to attending a world famous football match, you couldn’t plan a better break than with Newsham Park Guest House.

Get among the breath-taking city of Liverpool and jump into some of the best pubs and bars in the city. Once more, with city trips to Liverpool in the Summer, you can soak up the best of the British sun in our outside guest area. And with our affordable accommodation, you can treat yourself in one of our shopping centres. Choose a city trip to Liverpool and stay with us at Newsham Park Guest House for an eventful and memorable break, for all the right reasons.

City Breaks to Liverpool

City Breaks to Liverpool

As a guest house in Liverpool, we’re proud to offer affordable accommodation for all those in search of city breaks to Liverpool. Whether you’re staying overnight or for a long weekend, we have everything you need to make your visit an enjoyable one. From football matches at Anfield Stadium to shopping trips, we’re the first choice for many looking for accommodation in Liverpool. Once more, our prices start from £30 per person, per night. So, what better excuse to visit the amazing city of Liverpool than a deal like ours? We have the perfect location in Liverpool so that there’s something to do and see in such a short distance. Simply book your stay today by calling our guest house on: 0151 263 9400.

For further information on our accommodation or to check our availability, please don’t hesitate to contact our guest house. From here, we’ll be happy to discuss our availability for your chosen dates and the duration of your stay. Don’t miss out and call Newsham Park Guest House today!

City Breaks vs Beach Breaks